2014 Nominations

The 2014 nominations

Animal Crossing : New Leaf


As mayor of a rural town populated by anthromorphic animals, the player can explore, socialise and work to shape the lives of the town’s inhabitants.

Brothers : A tale of two sons

(Starbreeze Studios)

Two brothers set out to find a cure for their dying father, combining their individual strengths to fight battles and solve puzzles.

Gone Home

(The Fullbright Company)

A young woman returns home after a year abroad, and explores the empty house to learn more about her mysteriously absent family.

Grand Theft Auto V

(Rockstar North)

Three criminals collaborate in violent escapades across the richly interactive fictional US state of San Andreas.

Kentucky Route Zero

(Cardboard Computer)

A delivery driver discovers an increasingly bizarre world in this atmospheric “magical realist” adventure.

Papers, please

(Lukas Pope)

An immigration officer in the crumbling state of Arstotzka works to support his family in a game of high-stakes bureaucracy.